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Bremen, IN
reply to xoob

Re: Constant Ping Spikes - Online gaming impossible - SLC, UT

I play League as well. Not to mention I feel your pain connection wise. For me, took 18 months of non stop calling/e-mailing/chatting w/ live support to finally get them to admit and explain there has been an extreme bandwidth exhaustion in my area and that they have no intentions of correctly the problem because it wouldn't be cost effective. Best part is, was manageable till they started to offer Prism TV service. Went to hell afterwards. Here is an example of my connection for roughly 16 hours every day:

C:\Users\xxxxx>tracert google.com

Tracing route to google.com []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms Home.lan [xxx.xxx.xx.x]
2 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms [xx.x.x.x]
3 752 ms 750 ms 776 ms in-184-1-96-1.dhcp.embarqhsd.net []
4 711 ms 661 ms 716 ms in-67-237-47-141.sta.embarqhsd.net [
5 800 ms 730 ms 620 ms 208-110-248-225.centurylink.net [
6 559 ms 751 ms 785 ms bb-chcgildt-jx9-01-ae1.0.core.centurytel.net [20]
7 521 ms 617 ms 760 ms 208-110-240-26.centurylink.net []

8 900 ms 805 ms 855 ms
9 605 ms 527 ms 503 ms
10 724 ms 676 ms 580 ms ord08s06-in-f9.1e100.net []

Trace complete.



Spokane, WA
If theyre offering tv service in your area (specifically through the terminal that serves your house/neighborhood) then it is 99% likely Fiber fed.
If it's fiber fed, then the "not-cost-effective" excuse is a load of BS.

If they are running tv service on anything less than that, they've made some very poor decisions (your local CenturyLink management team, not CenturyLink directly)

Either way, If i were you i'd lodge a complaint to the FCC and get together with your neighbors (who are also likely experiencing issues) and petition centurylink to do something about it.