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Rider on the Storm
not Sweden
reply to djrobx

Re: CATV issue- box freezing and reboots.

said by djrobx:

Simplify to troubleshoot. Try connecting directly to a cable box without the amp, and use an appropriate splitter. Temporarily leave some boxes disconnected if your signal strength is too low without the amp. You can rule the amp out as being the culprit this way.

Keep an eye on your signal strengths, both upstream and downstream. Look for changes after you experience a problem. In other words, perhaps you normally see +3db signal strength, and then following a freeze-up, see -3db. A sudden 6db shift can cause a tuner to get confused, even if it's still within spec. I had this problem - it took the cable company forever to track it down to a bad wire in the node. It was hard to get them to accept there was a problem in the first place, because the numbers were always within spec before and after an event. It wasn't until I looked at the signal strengths over time that I was able to identify the issue. You'd think you'd see these issues on your modem as well, but it may be more tolerant of line issues.

Also make a note of the time, and outside temperature when freeze-ups happen. In my case events would happen in the morning and evening when it got to a certain temperature outside.

What is a "bad wire in the node"? I have a rudimentary understanding, but that is on the headend I believe, correct? Wouldn't others on my street be seeing similar problems if that was the case?

Interestingly, problems tend to happen early, early morning, and in the early afternoon... and that's if they happen at all. This is more of a nuisance issue that a full-blown problem. But it's enough of a nuisance to hope it can be tracked down and fixed.