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Hi There,

I'm sorry to hear about this. I can definitely understand your perspective in the matter and why you're frustrated. The fact that you have satallite TV should have been known, as it does make a difference in installation requirements. I have already sent this information off to our Quality Assurance department to ensure everyone is informed of this. There are many benefits to being with a third party provider like us, bigger bandwidth, lower price, no contract, no cancellation fees, no throttling, etc. However, because we do not own the infrastructure that the installations need to be performed on, our install times are not as convenient as the owner of the infrastructure. There is little we can do about this. It is not that we are trying to inconvenience you further, this is just the soonest we could have done this.

Our communication with Rogers is not ideal, and we do not have contact with the technicians that perform the installs. We do not try and blame Rogers as you are completely correct: if they cause problems= still a poor experience with us. We just try to be completely transparent in the matter to try and give you an exact idea of what is going on. I apologize if you feel the credit is laughable, however, something that needs to be understood is that we charged a very large portion of what we charge you for the monthly service. That $65 is charged by Rogers to us in full for the activation, which is why we were unable to engulf it. We cannot credit like the incumbents as we do not charge the extra amounts to give larger credits. Again, I'm not trying to provide an excuse but transparency for you to understand why certain actions were taken. I hope this situation resolves for you, and I'd love to have a look into your account. So please feel free to message us in the direct forum in order to have a look over your account to ensure all the proper steps were taken.
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I appreciate the somewhat generic reply, but TSI need not "own" the infrastructure or technicians to ensure that its customer doesn't have to wait around for days for an installation which should have taken no more than an hour.

I don't care whether the $65 goes directly to Rogers or to Teksavvy's CEO's toaster replacement fund. I paid TSI to install and activate my service; whether or not Rogers is contracted to do this doesn't concern me.
Any sensible person would tell me to demand at least a portion of this be returned, if the technician not only does nothing but come and waste my time, but cause to live without internet access--which the UN deems a basic human right--for days.

Since it is Rogers that messed this up, it boggles my mind why TSI does not seek compensation from them.
If I pay the post office to ship merchandise to a customer, and the postal service messes up and loses the item, it would be ridiculous for me to refuse to refund the buyer "because I used their money for postage and the cost of the merchandise".
I would immediately refund the buyer and seek compensation from the post, just as TSI should from Rogers.

I'm not interested in posting in the direct forum, which just seems like a way to reduce the likelihood of prospective customers from seeing issues like this. You can find my account with the postal code L4E3V8.
No refund again. »