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9100em appears to drop packets with Linksys E3200

I am trying to add a Linksys E3200 to get better WiFi coverage. However, I can't seem to get it to talk to the 9100EM Westell router. The 9100EM does not appear to respond to any packets from the E3200.

I have used Wireshark, with a Hub to monitor the connection between the two routers. I can see an ARP request sent from the E3200 for the 9100EM's IP address, but no reply to the ARP request is sent.

I can initiate a diagnostic ping from the 9100EM to the E3200, and see an ARP request on the 9100EM go out, and the E3200 responds, however the 9100EM just sends another ARP request a short while later.

The IP address is of the E3200 is statically assigned, and the 9100EM is at the default address.

I have even swapped cables out. I am hoping I am just missing something in the 9100EM configuration somewhere.

Any ideas?

Warwick, RI
Try letting the Linksys pull a DHCP address, then in the Westell assign it as a DHCP reservation. That way it's a known address. Perhaps it will improve.

Just a WAG based on router flakiness with a true static address.