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This is a sub-selection from T-Mobile...

Mayaguez, PR
·AT&T Wireless Br..
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Re: T-Mobile...

We have AT&T 4G here in Puerto Rico and it went up to LTE about 8 months ago. At first it worked really well, but it has been a slow and steady deterioration since then and now it's good one day and cruddy the next.

Getting help from AT&T is really frustrating...their support people don't know a lot, they absolutely refuse to deal with any kind of router setup, and I've been going back and forth with some service rep trying to get a phone call from a real senior network engineer, but all I get are form letters.

Unfortunately, we live in the mountains and our only other choices for internet service are dial-up (yuk!) or Hughes Satellite, which I've had and dumped 3 or 4 years ago. Dial-up isn't even an option any longer since we cancelled our two POTS lines last year because the service was noisy, erratic, and completely dead much of the time.

My guess is they are way oversold now that everybody and his brother has an online device of some kind.
Sierra 313U/AT&T 4G LTE in Cradlepoint CTR500 router, 2 LinkSys WiFi a/p, 4 XPPro units, FireFox everywhere.