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Winter is Coming
Blairsville, GA
·Blue Ridge Mount..
reply to tdumaine

Re: Why dont many of you vote with your wallet?

Vote with my wallet... and pay a rip off rural power company to resell me Windstream's 3mb for the price I pay them for 12mb. Or... I could try their fiber that isn't Windstream's... 15mb/768k for $60 a month... And... $1300 to dig the fiber line to my house... I'd burn through Satellite's pathetic caps in a couple days streaming Netflix on a couple TVs, plus I might as well just throw my PS3 in the trash, since it would be useless online.

By the way, I'm not normally a complainer, but I had the best, most stable 12mb Windstream connection in North Georgia, and I'm 1800 line feet from what was a good RT, and now during the heavy usage time I'm very lucky to see a 3rd of what I pay for.
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