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reply to Octavean

Re: The Walking Dead

I can't wait for the show tonight. The governor suspects they might come looking for Glenn and Maggie, but he has no idea they're already outside and know for sure Glenn and Maggie are in there. And, Rick & Crew have already been prepped as to the silver tongued Jim Jones nature of the governor. They've also been making it seem like everyone inside the town is basically weak compared with Rick & Crew who have become stone cold lightning fast killers. Heck, I'd put money down on Carl against anyone from that town. Which by the way - the whole thing about Carl's pubs coming in and him getting the hots for the younger sister is annoying. No way he'd have a chance with that girl. Only messed up psycho women go for younger guys. lol

The whole zombie guts thing reminds me of that torture scene in prison break where the dude is explaining how a body will shut down and you'll die after prolonged exposure to rotting flesh. That was Gretchen (sp?) early in the last season I think. I imagine being next to the bucket of guts would be bad, but spilling it on you like in this show would be unbearable.

The big question is... will the screw us with a big cliff hanger for 3/4 of a year, or will they sum up this season at the end like they did last season.

I can't take anymore. Having to wait until freaking March for the last episode of Grimm is bad enough. Although even though only 13 episodes are listed, that has always been a 20 episode show per season and maybe the other 7 episodes just haven't been listed back. At least they said "We're sorry" at the end of the last one.