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College Point, NY

Hi, I just wondering if u guys could help w test results

I just moved and now have time warner and im kind of newbie to internet specs. Basically i have the 25/5 package but am getting about 24.6 and 3.86 on ookla.com though thats not my real issue. My issue pertains to "Quality of service". I trade for a living and where i just moved from I had FIOS (issue there was speeds were fine, problem I had was an intermittent stop of service for lets say .5 of a sec, also get some tv pixelization)
I did the "smoke ping" for 3 days all passed but west coast. i'd really be grateful if you could tell me the best way to test the quality of my service.

P.S. In particular i run pingtest.net to the dallas server as thats where their servers are and get 0% packet loss ping of 60ms and jitter of 9ms and overall grade of B. Though as i stated before with fios it was A and great till the anomaly appeared.
What is the best test to do on here to test my "quality"
I'd be greatful for any ideas.

OH and should I remove the changes i made to the router for the the smokeping to work the ipv4-6 something?