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North, VA
reply to Pacrat

Re: CATV issue- box freezing and reboots.

said by Pacrat:

Cable companies are funny... at least Time-Warner is. A few years ago the city was installing new curbing in our neighborhood. In the course of digging the the old stuff out, it was frequent occurence that the backhoe "disturbed" unmapped cables from time to time, causing widespread outages throughout the neighborhood. One day, my cable suddenly went out and I looked out my window and saw where the backhoe was working, about a block away. I walked down to the site and saw the ends of the severed cable trunk, sticking out of the ground about 8 feet apart. I called it in to TWC and they made an appointment for a technician to come to the house. I tried to explain to the idiot that sending a tech to my house would not begin to solve the problem, that the trunk had been severed, and no installation techy was going to be able to fix it. I even gave her the exact location of the break... x feet from the stop sign at the NW corner of "Such&Such" St. and "Whatsit" Dr. She still insisted on scheduling a "service call" at my home for the next day.

I noticed that a service crew was at the break site within a couple of hours to, at least, splice in some new cable. Eventually (weeks later), they replaced the whole trunk run around the neighborhood... they had so many repair splices in the line, there were almost daily outages for some homes. I know my frontage (90') contained no less than three splices in it before they replaced the entire run.

It's not just the cable companies. A couple of years ago I called one of our local tv broadcasters engineering about a sync problem with their OTA audio and video. She didn't know they broadcasted a signal over the air using a transmitter and antenna and thought it was all cable and satellite.