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Ridge, NY
reply to Manta

Re: [H/W] H/W Performance advice please...?

We were never able to get the 1841 with FULL SECURITY FUNCTIONALITY (IOS IPS, FW et al.) above 30 Mbps.

Now looking at an ASA5512-IPS-K9, with a CISCO stated “Maximum 3DES/AES VPN Throughput” 200 Mbps, and also CISCO stated “Maximum IPS Throughput; Media-Rich (Mbps)” 250 Mbps.

HOWEVER & BUT, NOTE: CISCO states “Maximum IPS Throughput; Transactional (Mbps)” for the ASA5512-IPS-K9 at only 150 Mbps.

And TRANSACTIONAL is the best guide for performance for small businesses, stand-alone non-client server environments. BUT CISCO DOES NOT PROVIDE THIS FOR EVERY SECURITY DEVICE / APPLIANCE, OFTEN JUST STATING THE MUCH HIGHER MEDIA-RICH, CISCO is still locked in to the “branch office” “enterprise” mentality.

We are going to have a choice of either 75/75, or 150/50 shortly via our MSO CMTS provider.