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Saint Clair Shores, MI
reply to kpossible

Re: WOW Bandwidth Speed Test Sites Question

said by kpossible:

Could someone explain to me why testing bandwidth using different WOW speed test sites, for example using the Cleveland site and the Columbus site, would yield vastly different results? Running one after the other, the download can differ 20 to 25 mbps. We're less than 150 miles apart. Shouldn't that render a negligible difference between sites, if any at all?

Thanks in advance!

I just tested with the 4 WOW sites I know of, Troy, Columbus, Cleveland and Naperville and they all tested pretty much the same and usually they do. Usually the speed you would get depends on the size of the pipes along the way more then the server. At Chrysler we have dual Gig+ Internet connections via Verizon and ATT but my speed tests there are usually slower than at home because of internal network constraints. Then the farther away you get the more hops (routers to go through) and the more complex the path gets so usually slower. A pipe along the path could be overloaded, a router at capacity, etc.