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To The Moon
San Antonio, TX

Straight Talk home phone

Today I was watching TV and saw a commercial for Straight Talk home phone. It looked interesting so I looked it up and they have a device for $100 that connects your home phone via the Straight Talk network (no internet required) and youre able to port over your landline number. It also has a battery backup in the device incase power goes out and youre using a wired phone, you can still use service for awhile. Ive been wanting to dump AT&T for the longest time. For some reason every morning the phone hums very loud where both sides on the phone can hear it. It goes away throughout the day but we have to wait to take phonecalls til the afternoon.

I want to dump AT&T because they arent investing anything where we live. All the enclosures on the line where they make terminations are inhabited by ants or birds. Down the road you can see multiple enclosures opened by birds which probably the reason the phone hums so loud in the morning. When they only offer you POTS for $30 a month just for local thats barely even usable, people are going to flee to other ways of communication. Also when you dont even offer DSL or Uverse, that just pours more salt in the wound.

I will leave a review once we receive it.

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Re: Straight Talk home phone

I got the unit and set it up in about an hour with my home phone ported over It works fine, Only problem so far is my phone ringer is not very load so I order a ringer for it off Amazon that should be here soon, I hope it works, Other than that I'm 100% happy.