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Grand Saline, TX

Bypassing Router

HN tech support is working with me for browsing issues. They fixed the download slowness, even tho they said they did nothing, I'm to believe (again) that it was a coincidence. On the Power Plan, my download (test) speeds are now almost always 9-10+Mbps. TS asked if I've tried resetting the router. I had not. I tried but it didn't make a difference. If that didn't work I was to bypass the router. I just tried and my browsing became MUCH MUCH slower! What does it indicate when browsing is MUCH slower with a direct connect (bypassing the router)? Would it generally mean a software or hardware problem with the computer? Give me slower downloads and boost my browsing, OR, novel idea, give me both since that's what I'm paying for


Grand Saline, TX
Anyone?? TS will be calling back tonight to see how resetting the router did and/or a direct connection bypassing the router.
I'd like to have some knowledge on the subject before he calls.
He was expecting my speeds to increase when I bypassed the router.

Dunno. Ask The Chief

Dawson Springs, KY
reply to monicakm
Assuming normal NIC settings, it should on paper be faster than going through a router. I'm no expert by any means, but I've never run into a router that employed any kind of acceleration. So I'm gonna guess it's a coincidence.

Speeds within the Ku-band community really sucked yesterday, but are back to normal today. Perhaps your switch from router to NIC coincided with that change.

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Lake, MI
Been having broswing issues also. Called today, had me do router bypass. Didn't help. Shut modem down for at least 20 minutes while I went on roof to check connections. they were clean as day installed. restarted modem and things are at normal. Not sure if modem needed restart or they actually did something.
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Edgewood, TX
reply to monicakm
I'm willing to bet a couple of tubes of Silver Liberties that this is NOT a customer hardware issue. These morons at HN are trying to cover their asses on problems on their end.

I have yet to find anyone that can explain to me why Exede, which uses the same damn satellite platform as HNG4 can deliver the speeds and yet HNG4 just plain blows.

West Mich.
It just HAS to be the ground equipment/software. Many of the ongoing problems cover multiple platforms.

Hughesnets idea of "support" is to post your last eleven case numbers so we can continue to blow smoke up your backside.