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Re: Question for Expert. Can one get a Tablet that...?

said by arahman56:

said by Guspaz:

It's unlikely that you'll ever find wired Ethernet on a Surface tablet; due to the prevalence of wifi, many laptop don't have Ethernet either, since there's not much need for it anymore.

Not much need, huh? Wired is, and will be, faster than Wireless, always. Plus, no issues of interference.

The argument was that people use tablets for portability. Going hard-wired is not, what's the word I'm looking for, in-line (not what I was looking for, but having a brain-fart moment) for the intended purpose of a tablet.

Personally, tablets aren't impressive enough for me to ever want to give up my laptop. I can see the convenience of them, but if I need something on the go like that, I have my cell. For all other tasks that I need, my laptop is the only way to go for me and even at that, I feel limited by only being able to use one screen when I'm not at my desk/out and about.


Etobicoke, ON

I'm talking about laptops. Unless tablets get thicker, I don't foresee any coming with ethernet support- unless, again, there's a mini-ethernet.