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Port Coquitlam, BC
reply to Cartel

Re: Actiontec V1000H NCS firmware with A2pv6C035f.d22c DSL PHY

Sindows7 ,

A2pv6C035f.d22c DSL PHY is basically an updated PHYsical layer ( Hardware) driver BLOB . As it's closed source ( Broadcom , BC6368 SoC) I have no idea what specific updates are in it, but you get things like updated PHyR .. etc. All the stuff you need , at the bit level, to send bits around the world.

Later versions are generally better ie ( there's always the risk of bugs creeping in) , I have 35m running in my HG612 as opposed to 35f that is in this firmware version. Now that TelusFW has provided a full img, I'm swapping the blob to the newer one , just to see if it makes any difference

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