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Fair and Balanced
Katy, TX

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reply to AngryDallas

Re: AT&T Switching me to UVerse without my permission!

I was forced to get uverse.
I had no internet for 3 weeks.
The uverse modems have nothing but problems and connectivity issues.
adsl was rock solid

Unless you need extra speed or tv, just avoid uverse.
Also since switching to uverse youtube has been very slow and buffing slow even though I have twice the speed. Never had a problem on adsl.
There is some kind of packet shaping, qos, or bad routing on uverse that was not on adsl users.

You will get double billed. They use two different call centers/billing systems from uverse and adsl and neither talk to each other which means after they sign up for uverse you have to call another number to cancel the adsl.
Then you will have a uverse and adsl bill for the month.
...brought to you by Carl's Jr.