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possible to connect 2 magic jacks to same internet account?

I have two desktop computers connected on a wireless network and would like to have two MJ's connected to enable two different phone numbers. Is this possible? First MJ connected with no problems...second is giving us difficulty...just wondering if we are trying to do something that can't be done...


Cookeville, TN
I don't have two working MagicJacks's to play with myself but I do have a MagicJack+ and a NetTalk device both connected directly to my router. Both can work at the same time with no problems as long as I keep my downloading activities under control. My downloading/talking issues are tied to my extremely slow DSL connection but such is life. Possibly if I activate QOS at the router that too would go away but I'm happy with what is working right now.

You might need to provide more info on what kind of MagicJacks you are trying to use. Those that have to be attached to a PC or the newer model that only needs a PC to activate it initially and then can plug directly into the router to get it's own individual IP address.

The more info the better chance someone here may have already tried what you want to do and can fill you in.


Thanks for the response. Good to hear this should be possible. We did get the 2nd MJ connected today, so now we will see if they interfere with each other, if both receive incoming calls, etc. Our MJ units are the standard ones, not the plus units.