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Hilo, HI

[WIN8] Settings for Device installation Win 8?

Used to WU was horrible as a place to get device drivers. So, when I was setting up this new machine, I set it to "never install driver software from WU". Then I had a problem with Win 8 installing my printer which it saw on the network but said it needed a driver for it. HP has always included the generic driver on all versions of Windows since 98SE (it's an OLD printer) but evidently they didn't on Win 8. Win 8 tried to find the driver in the shared folder. It didn't tell me the real problem which was that setting. Once I changed the setting to "automatically install drivers from WU", Win 8 immediately found the driver on WU and downloaded and installed it and now the printer works fine from Win 8.

So, then I changed the setting to "no, always let me choose what to do" and under that "always install the best driver software from WU". How does it let me choose? Win 8 did not tell me that it could not get the driver it needed because I had driver update turned off...so, I am wondering if it will tell me if there is a newer driver and when and how does it tell me?
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