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Acanac = Hotel California...

...you can never leave!

I have heard other people having issues cancelling their Acanac services but I didn't want to believe it was a common experience.

I've had a ticket open to request an immediate cancellation for over a week now and I haven't even received a single relevant response. Instead, their retention department replied to the ticket 3 times with irrelevant BS and closed the ticket. I've uploaded a PDF of the ticket history so far (my personal info removed):

»www.mediafire.com/view/?e227yhc6 ··· 62e8gb93

I've prepaid for the year at a slight discount (at least back in 2008, not sure what I'm being charged now) and my renewal is coming up on Jan 30. I'm supposed to get a refund at regular monthly price if I cancel early.
But Acanac is using delay tactics to make me wait out the remaining 2 months of my term (now slightly less than 2 months due to no action on this ticket). It's currently still sitting with retentions even after I've told them repeatedly that I simply want to cancel ASAP.

I visited their forum and saw others experiencing the same lack of care from Acanac. I PM'd a mod there who says he'll look into it for me so I hope something will come of that but I'm not optimistic.

Be warned! Stay away from Acanac! Their customer service is by far the worst I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with and if you want to cancel they'll just ignore you. Calling them does no good because they just shrug and say you have to deal with it via email only and if you don't receive a response then tough.

[UPDATE: 12-6-2012] Updated link. So Acanac finally acknowledged my request and even told me that my service can be terminated immediately but that they will not issue a refund for the remaining months. I replied that was fine and to please proceed with immediate cancellation.

Today, they got back to me and told me that it would be cancelled effective Jan 30, 2013! This is the exact date my service would've renewed! Seriously... do they think I'm so stupid that they can slip something like that by me? There is no denying that this is intentional. Acanac's unethical business practices at work here.

Fergless also shot me a PM trying to turn this around on me like it's my fault.[/UPDATE]

Toronto, ON
I believe this is being addressed on the Acanac Community Forum.


I thank you for being the only person at Acanac to actually acknowledge that I wish to cancel my services. But besides that, so far I have not been helped by anyone at Acanac.

I expressed my concern last week that the ticket still showed it was in retentions. Of course, the other day I get yet another solicitation from them ignoring my request. So when I asked you about it you told me I just have to wait it out. I don't see an end to this.