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reply to NiteSn0w

Re: iPhone competition makes all the carriers better...

said by NiteSn0w:

The LTE chip doesn't control it. The phone has to have enough antennas for both LTE and CDMA to transmit and receive at the same time.

SVDO requires two CDMA radios, one for Data and one for Voice, each of which require their own antennas AFAIK.

Verizon isn't doing SVDO. Verizon abandoned developing phones on CDMA that will do SVDO. Instead they have worked with providers like Samsung to make LTE chips that work with CDMA for voice while the data is coming in on the other side of the coin. The only 4G phone that can do SVDO right now is the HTC thunderbolt, every other 4G phone that can do voice and data at the same time use a specialized LTE chip that enables that functionality. How do I know this because I work in the wireless industry and my company provides the crap to make it work.



HAH okay.

Qualcomm makes the silicon that makes the connection to the tower. SVDO is done either with VoLTE or a combination of LTE and GSM or LTE and CDMA. When out of LTE coverage you need two radios for CDMA to support SVDO. Any Verizon phone with 3G SVDO capabilities will have two radios for CDMA regardless.

Please stop talking out of your ass.