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Sudbury, ON
reply to malocite

Re: C'mon TekSavvy - Bring back your POTS offering

said by malocite:

I am still holding out for a celebrity Jeopardy with Sean Connery, Burt Reynolds and Watson the Computer..... the jokes write themselves... why oh why can't they make it happen Stupid actors with stupid schedules....

I'm sure Norm MacDonald and Darrell Hammond are free, but getting Will Ferrell back to do Trebek might be the toughest part...

Although you're right, the jokes do write themselves .

Back On Topic, I guess I'm glad I got TSI POTS...but I was a net-new subscriber, I didn't come from Bell.

EDIT: to the TSI Peeps, is it possible for me to change my phone number? I've run into the unfortunate incident where I've received a phone number from a deceased person...telling the CBC to do their homework and check on whether or not a person is alive or not...doesn't put any faith in the CBC...but that's another topic for another day.

If its possible if someone could let me know via PM, if Not...I'll just have to figure something out because its getting very annoying.