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reply to Crookshanks

Re: Time-Warner for the Win!

said by Crookshanks:

said by mrjoshuaw:

but then you go on to comapare (whether you wanted to or not) Googles highest tier with Time Warners lowest tier.

Your critique of my post would have more impact if you proof-read it for spelling and grammatical errors.

No comparison between Google's product and any other product was intended. The statement was "many consumers will not pay $70/mo for an internet connection", which is true, regardless of who the provider of that connection is.

Google's "free" tier may attract some converts, and it's certainly nice of them to offer it, but it really has nothing at all to do with my statement about $70/mo connections. The people willing to pay for the higher DOCSIS/FIOS tiers are in the minority, and I suspect the people willing to buy the $70/mo Google product are as well.

Bash Time Warner all you want, personally I hate them for many reasons, but the truth is that their standard speed tiers are more than ample for the overwhelming majority of internet connections. Realistically, anything >6mbit/s or so is gravy for most people, and the higher end (25mbit/s, 50, 100, etc) tiers are mostly just marketing ploys.

For time Warner cable you have lite, basic, standard, turbo, extreme and ultimate

Speeds range from half a meg upload to 50+ upload....

So, standard which is a download of 10 and upload 1 cost alone nearly 54USD... want 20 up and 2 down well then your looking at 75USD approx...

And dont forget the modem lease fee of 3.95 to help pay to expand and update their networks... but publically they admitted to stock holders cost for network upgrades and such have dropped over the last three years or so...

And realistically I used to get alot of senior citizen calls at twc who couldnt live with internet speeds less than 10 down...

Realistically google is offering alot for less...

It's sad when time Warner cable was trying to bribe and i do mean bribe employee's to report any gossip about google fiber to them for money and electronic equipment 'rewards'.

twc has the most notorius internet service...

I mean 3.95 modem lease fee's and the modems arent even new!!!

We were told in a training that 'only' signature home accounts get new equipment all other consumer accounts the equipment was 2nd hand...

thats how the company values your business and people love them for it... scary.