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Imperial, MO
reply to FFH5

Re: Lousy films, is this what the fight is about?

said by FFH5:

said by Sukunai:

But, Netflix DOES occasionally match me up with some films that just make me want to yell and scream 'is this what Hollywood is fighting to protect?'.

Hollywood is like any industry. A few gifted, hard working, talented people and a lot of losers making a paycheck. A few actors get filthy rich; but most make so little they actually feed themselves working food service jobs. They put out a few hundred movies a year, but maybe 10 are worth anything at all.

A few years ago I read a Wall Street Journal article about Hollywood. It seems all of the major studios have the same business model. They pump out tons of garbage films, knowing all along that they will lose money, just so they can keep their staff busy and happy. They rely on one or two blockbusters per year to cover the cost of all the dogs. Mostly they want to keep certain directors and actors under contract, so they'll use them in terrible films just to keep everyone working.
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