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Reading, MA
reply to grcore

Re: [Connectivity] SB6121 intermittent connectivity issue

said by grcore:

Signals look ok, though the downstream power level is a little on the high side.

Thanks for looking--nothing that I can do improve the signal, I am a HSI only customer. There is exactly 10' of uninterrupted (and only 6 months old) RG6QS between the exterior ground block and my modem--no splitters or other signal interruptions.

When the tech performed my install I asked him to replace the drop from the pole to house because it had been unused and disconnected for longer than I owed the home. The ends and cable itself were pretty crusty, but he claimed they were fine.

I haven't had any issues until this past Saturday... I don't know how often that log resets, but I was surprised to see my interruption from Saturday on there--so if the log is persistent for many days then basically I just happened to be using the internet at the two moments when it failed me (3PM and 4AM lol)

said by grcore:

I had experienced a lot of disconnect issues with the 6120 modem. Comcast said it was to be fixed with a firmware update, but I was on, and looks like you have the update.

Ended up switching back to my trusty 5120 and its been solid since


This is all I've got, and I own it... so hopefully it will not come down to replacement. My alternative is FIOS which is faster, but also nearly 2X the price. I am paying $44.99 on promo with Comcast for 12/2 service and I'd be paying $74.99 for 15/5 with FIOS.