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Re: Question for Expert. Can one get a Tablet that...?

The tablet is great for LOOKING at things, it's useless (without a real keyboard and mouse) for typing things or cutting and pasting.

My laptop is HEAVY ... so with some airlines becoming fussy even about carry on weights, I have opted for a tablet for travel. I have turned off all "Syncing" of any and everything on my tablet. That's a nuisance when you have a main system. My tablet is WiFi, not cellular data enabled, so, it's like a superlight notebook.

There might be an App for that ... but there are a lot of things I do on a computer that there isn't an app for ...

The tablet is also handy in that it's easy to clean up caches and browsing history etc. I treat it kind of like a blank slate. Clean when I travel and cleaned up after I return home ready for the next trip.

For technical travel where I'm out on a contract etc, then a tablet is NOT where it's at! For that I need my laptop. Sometimes, under those circumstances, I even take a 2nd screen for my lappy!