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This is a sub-selection from Just shut it down..


Fremont, OH
reply to NiteSn0w

Re: Just shut it down..

Everyone knows Sprint still owns Clear, but the point is they still charge $10 for something that NOBODY else charges. Sprint is becoming nothing more than a money grab cell carrier and it shows. $10 to access 4G even if its not available to you. $10 to stay on a network that Sprint was required to keep up and running until the end of June.

Sprint has been claiming for YEARS that network vision would be great. But yet they can't get their current CDMA network to work in major cities let alone build a new network and make it work.

And if you're in Cleveland you need to go out into the burbs where it matters. the Heights has poor quality service. You have to stand in the middle of streets to get service and lucky to get 1 bar at times. The burbs is where it matters in Cleveland, especially in the Heights where the $$$$ is at. If Sprint can't provide service to an area where the average income per family is over $200k then they have issues and Network Vision will never work for them.