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Brighton, ON

[WIN8] Crash recovery

Windows 8 was installed on the main HDD (C:) of system, with a SSD used for caching (fast start) with intel rapid storage technology (current).

A couple of days ago, on a reboot the system would only boot to the utility screen, with options to fix, restore, refresh or re-install.

Fix would fail, restore would complain that there is no drives to restore, refresh and re-install would complain that the system drive was locked.

I was able to get windows 8 to do a start recovery by disabling (and disconnecting) the SSD and removing it from the RAID designation in the BIOS.

The system took about 40 minutes to recover, and after recovery I ensured that all (software) connection to the SSD caching were removed.

The system appears to be working normally except for the following issues which I am at a loss to fix:

The SSP service keeps failing to restart and this is being logged every minutes or so:

Failed to schedule Software Protection service for re-start at timestamp. Error Code: 0x80041316.

Going into task manager, upon opening I get this message on opening:

Task SvcRestartTask: The Task XML contains an unexpected node

Then on clicking ok:

Task license Validation: The task XML contains an unexpected node.

Navigating the task scheduler to /task Scheduler Library/Microsoft/Windows/SoftwareProtectionPlatform result in the SvcRestartTask error again, however I can then access the schedule.

The status screen for the task has 2 entries: SvcRestartTaskLogon (ready trigger: At logon of any user- last run successful (previous day date) and SvcRestartTaskNetwork (disabled trigger: on event log:microsoft-windows-networkprofile/operational,eventid:10000 last run successful (2 days ago)

I suspect that the problem might be with the XML parsing of a SSP system file, however I am at a loss on how to proceed.

Anyone can help?

Naperville, IL

Are you outside the 90-day support window?

Brighton, ON

Tks, also posted on MSDN. I might have to go live, however will see what comes out first.