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Ballston Spa, NY
reply to Nightfall

Re: Taking a mini-break. Is this common?

I am kind of burnt out on the game myself. I haven't quit but I have definitely drastically curtailed the time I spend playing.

Pretty disgusted with CRZ. My favorite thing to do was quest which is now near impossible on a PvP realm. With 5 kids it is pretty difficult to do instances and be fair to other players so that is pretty much out.

Not really in the mood to do dailies over and over every day either.

And farming has been nerfed. Not that that is exactly fun either.

So all that is left is LFR and raiding and I guess I haven't been in the mood for that much either lately.


united state
Goldheart - I was big time discouraged with CRZ and questing at first also. What I've found is that Blizz's plan to pull people together is starting to work though. Now questing isn't bad at all because the General line is lighting up like never before. People either grouping together, keeping an eye out for each other, or at least throwing out some alerts of the opposite faction around. Definitely make use of the line and meet some new people and questing will be more fun than before as world PvP becomes part of it (at least that has been my experience, and I never liked world PvP before).

Or if you still want to play solo, go after some achievements and/or go after some mounts that are missing from your list and/or solo some old raid content. All fun stuff (though beware of the world PvP right before the Raid entrances. Fly in quick).