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Jamaica, NY
reply to patcat88

Re: Whole house water help

said by patcat88:

said by Draiman:

said by garys_2k:

Yes, a booster pump and tank would probably help, but it'd likely be simpler and less expensive to just replace that 1/2" main (which is way under-sized) with 3/4 or 1". PEX isn't expensive and is easy enough to DIY.

As I said that's not possible. It's a fully finished basement and there is built in cabinets around the main with no access to replace unless you cut/rip the cabinets out.

Then surface mount the new 3/4 trunk pipe. Pipe friction is killing you. Keep the trunk as 3/4 or 1 inch until you reach the riser pipes that go off to individual rooms.

Replying to a PM.

Take the shelves out, cut out the back of the cabinet. Nobody can see there are cut marks if the cabinet doors are closed. Or take the cabinets down. Need a few guys to do it but its easy. Once the back of the cabinet is cut (dont cut structural boards that make up the cabinet), the backsplash drywall can be cut too, and then 3 to 4 pieces of pipe with couplers, from the floor to the ceiling. Or use PEX and snake it behind the cabinets. Why are there cabinets above the meter? Is the meter hidden in the cabinet? Your cabinets are probably a plumbing code violation anyway if they make the meter inaccessible. You never know who (FD, cops, renter, house sitter, guest) has to turn the water off in an emergency.