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Brilliant, AL
reply to thedoctor9135

Re: [Embarq] Varying dsl speed problem

I am a legacy CenturyTel subscriber. I have exactly the same problem that you do. I am provisioned for 4.0/512, however I rarely ever see that speed. It has got to where it is doing good if it reaches 1.3 down and 200kbps up. Sometimes it is as bad as 400-500kbps down, the upload usually stays about 200kpbs, sometimes as high as 400kbps. It is ridiculous how slow it can be.
It is so bad at night, that I ended up getting Exede to be able to surf at night with reasonable speed.
The only reason that I keep CenturyLink is because of the Exede data caps, if it were not for the data caps, or they would raise them, I would drop CTL completely.
The speeds have gotten so bad, that I am thinking about contacting the Alabama Public Service Commission and the Attorney General's Department of Consumer Affairs, since CenturyLink is charging me for something that they are not providing, I doubt it would do much good, but sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the grease.