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Tamaqua, PA
reply to Bonka

Re: Slow speeds every night

Local tech guy hooked up the 7550 modem and said my lines looked fine while I wasn't here. Had to give him a call to let him know what was actually going on and that I only have loss issues during prime time hours. Found out that about two weeks ago he swapped me to closer equipment that has about 10 people on it and can support 48 or something, so it should be nowhere near capacity locally, unless it's malfunctioning. The interesting part is he said that unit runs straight to Rochester (from PA) on fiber, unless I misunderstood him. So sounds to me like there's a bottle neck in or on the way to Rochester rather than locally, since these issues popped up (or worsened to the point I noticed them) right after he swapped me to that equipment.

I'm supposed to contact him assuming I get the same prime time loss again on the new modem and he'll try contacting the guys up in Rochester to see if anything can be done. Not sure anything will happen, but there's hope.

I will say, it's disappointing that when we were swapped to the closer equipment, my SNR and Atten numbers improved a lot but now I'm stuck with terrible service during the evening when everyone is watching Netflix.


Tamaqua, PA
The local tech contacted someone higher up the chain and I was told they're looking in to the issue since they've been getting reports from other areas experiencing loss as well. I'll have to give them some time since this won't be something they fix in a day, but hopefully within a week or two they get it figured out since it seems to be a widespread problem.


Keep on them and I'm sure they'll get it fixed.
Good Luck