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4 Ever Young
·Cox HSI
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Re: Rumination

Every time I see my kids snapping away, I wondered what was to be done with their shots. I finally asked, as the parents had given up using a digital camera or any other means of getting images. They were now just using their phones. I saw no more shots for a long time until I asked, finally, for a CD of the kids so that I could have my own set of images to watch them grow, other than the few I took. I also asked if those many photos were memorialized for the other set of parents or anyone else beloved. I am now getting a CD or 2, every few months, where I can share in their fun kid moments as are the other set of parents and another family member.

"we’re stripping photography of its awesome powers to keep the past in our sights."

All too true. Even CDs have their life span, and unlike the albums we used to have, unless everything is printed and placed in an album, there is still something missing and much of it is the family history. Plus, the historical picture views of those taking the shots are never there, and unfortunately that has been the case forever. Seldom was my father in a shot. I didn't note that until he died and there was so much of all the rest of us, but not of him. :{

Oh, btw, I don't own a phone with the ability to shoot pictures.

Age is a very high price to pay for my maturity. If I can't stay young, I can at least stay immature!