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[Internet] bell connection hub aka sagemcom bridge mode

So here is a recurring issue I am running into: these connection hubs do not officially support bridge mode (you can supposedly make it bridge by disabling dhcp, wireless and remove the pppoe login info to force it into bridge mode). The problem becomes even more complicated when you introduce bell fibe tv into the mix - you CANNOT turn off dhcp on the bell hub, or byebye tv.

An example here is... there is a home media server running a ddns updater so that it can serve media remotely, HOWEVER because there is a router in between the server and the bell hub, there are double NAT issues and ddns clients cannot resolve addresses. Putting the router (with all its' port forwarding) into the hub's DMZ also does nothing, for reasons I can't understand. Manually forwarding ports also fails, because the hub can only see one thing on its' "network", the router.

Is there any way around this? Rogers' modems are all able to be put into a true bridge mode aka dumb modem, I'm getting tired of advising clients that if they want certain advanced things like remote access to an internal network, they cannot be using bell. And no, I will not use the hub as a router, it is missing too many features, is too restricted and is just not very good in general.


Sounds like you've already answered your question...


reply to hakira
1. Configure the Sagemcom's PPPoE connection properly.
2. Configure your router to DHCP rather than PPPoE.
3. Put the router into Sagemcom's "DMZ" (no firewall/nat) »Sagemcom f@st 2864 and DMZ
4. Enjoy!