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This is a sub-selection from No refund again.


Richmond Hill, ON
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reply to sad eh

Re: No refund again.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I have not looked into reversing my payment or otherwise cancelling service (yet), because I still need internet, and setting up with Start/distributel/etc would take even longer. I invested too much time and money into TSI to ditch them now, and I am sure they are happy to hear that...

If I am unhappy with the connection, or if there are any further problems, I am ready to jump ship even if it means I have to eat the $100+ I paid already.

sad eh

I can see how you just want it to work and just not bother with the hassles. But no one will do anything about it and this situation unless you do go through the hassle, sad to say.

But, in reference to your other post down below, +1 to you for standing your ground kimks3.

You can see how these situations end up by checking this, »Teksavvy sucks

and this »No Show Techs. Share your Experience

Personally, i'm not one to nickel and dime some company for compensation. But we have all had this happen to us time and time again. No end in sight. And the industry (ie Teksavvy) just doesn't care enough about you to bother bringing the issues to the CRTC, yet the owner will go ape sh*t to make sure they get your money and not refund it, as seen in the first link provided.

Something doesn't smell right in stinkville. And yes, they have a mechanism for charge-backs already in place but a few years ago they stated the cost to them in man-power outweighed them doing charge-backs. Both Teksavvy (Rocky when he was CEO) and Acanac stated this. But The current CEO, Marc, seems to state now that this isn't so. But I don't believe it. It's up to them to get it back. You already lost a day of work and will now lose another day of work. But don't dare ask for a refund.. OMG... those are fighting words to teksavvy and they will blacklist you (as seen in the first link provided).

That is what's sad about all this.

So +1 to you, but I say make it a hassle. Maybe after enough people b*tch and moan and demand their money back will the industry (ie teksavvy) do something about it. Right now they are not and just trying to simply refuse refunds. It really isn't right.

BTW, feel free to add your experience to the topic we have going (2nd link).
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This is a sub-selection from No refund again.