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Thornhill, ON

[DSL] Recent switch from Bell to Teksavvy

I'd just like to share my recent experience with TekSavvy.

I have been on the old Bell Unlimited plan for many years, and finally pulled the trigger to switch to TekSavvy's 15M DSL service.

I was scheduled for activation this past Wednesday. I took the day off. I noticed first thing in the morning that it appeared I had been upgraded, as I was getting 15M service already (and I was still logged into Bell).

I only saw one tech, and he showed up around 7pm or so. He said he had been trying to call all day. The problem was they had listed my DSL # as the contact number, which does not have any phones attached, just the modem. My wife did say she gave our voip # as the contact number, but it either wasn't passed on, or the tech perhaps didn't notice.

In any case, I told him while we are on a wet loop, there are no phones on the line with the DSL modem, and that the jack the modem is connected to is the only jack connected in the house. He left and everything seemed fine.

Thursday night, I noticed that I seemed to be hitting the ceiling at around 3M, which speed tests seemed to confirm. I had other things to do and decided to leave it and see what things were like Friday night. Friday night comes and it is the same. I really wasn't overly worried about it (I thought perhaps not having the POTS splitter installed was not the best of choices), so I posted in the TekSavvy direct forum. Sure enough, my line had been set to 3000/800. A ticket was opened with Bell, and by the next (Saturday) morning service was running at full speed.

Overall I'm very pleased. There was a small glitch, but it was handled swiftly.

Thought I'd post this as we generally only hear negative reviews here.



Toronto, ON
the 3008/800 is a gift from Bell, for switching away from their service... People always have to bitch to get put back on the proper speed...

You're lucky you weren't disconnected alltogether.


Thornhill, ON
I kind of figured as much, but really hoped it wasn't the case. But, looking at the facts, at 8:00am on the 28th I'm getting 15M logged into Bell. I stay logged into Bell all day and don't switch my router login to TekSavvy until later in the evening. I get 15M all night, and I'm guessing when my service with Bell was officially terminated (end of day on the 28th?), they dropped my profile.

I've been in situations where a client is transferring their services from the company I worked for to a competitor. You give the client the same attention and respect, anything less is highly unprofessional.

I'm actually thinking about writing them about this. I don't want anything from them, but frankly, that's total garbage.




Whitby, ON
·TekSavvy Cable

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reply to brianl999
Hey brian, you'll find that TSI have the best customer service around... Occasionally it might take some time to get through to their csr's when they're busy, but when you finally do, they will bend over backwards to make sure you're happy!

Don't get me wrong, they aren't perfect and screw up occasionally, but they do more to remedy issues and please their customers more so, than any other ISP's out there!

I too have had issues in the past, but in the end I'm always happy and that's what counts in my book!

TSI are simply the best!