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Tampa Bay
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reply to pende_tim

Re: [speed/latency] Verizon Enhanced High Speed Dropped

If it makes you feel any better (though it probably won't) when the on-site tech came out to one of our locations to diagnose a circiut-down-hard problem, he had to call the same clueless robots we do.

It was CLEARLY a Verizon issue, and clearly in the provisioning because the circuit never worked from the first day.

After 45 minutes the VZ field tech was so frustrated at being repeatedly told to reboot his (Verizon-issued) field laptop and power cycle the modem, that he hung up on the phone tech as the tech was (once again) telling him it must be his laptop that won't connect.

Tech then dialed some secret tech-only escalation number, got a very clueful router god on the phone who was very empowered to touch configs on the network, and the problem was completely resolved in no time.