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Steve Mehs
Gun Control Is Using A Steady Hand
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Re: Sprint Service

The fact that your non LTE connection showing up as EHRPD rather than EVDO A is a good thing. EHRPD is a software enhancement made to towers that allows for seamless handoff between 3G and 4G and that means it’s only a matter of time before more towers in your area get upgraded to LTE.

About a month ago, in my area my Evo 4G LTE started registering the EVDO network as EHRPD, but with no formal announcement of when Buffalo or any market in Upstate NY would start seeing LTE, after 9 years of being with Nextel and Sprint, I made the painful switch to Verizon. Verizon’s 4G LTE is nothing to write home about, speeds are slower than I expected, in fact they're on par or slightly worse than with AT&Ts HSPA+ network or Sprint’s Wimax. I do love the phone though, the Droid DNA is very nice, even if the network it’s on isn’t. Sprints current 3G speeds in my area were horrendous, but got slightly better after the EHRPD upgrade. But I couldn’t take it anymore.

Once Sprint launches LTE here and coverage is consistent, I will be moving back to them, so long as they have a handset that is considerably better than what I have now. With Verizon I’m sharing 10GB across two smartphones and a USB Air Card for $200. With Sprint for $210 I could have Unlimited Data on the two smartphones and 6GB on their air card. It really sucks I have to watch my data usage now. I switched to Verizon a week ago Saturday and already used 2.5 GB.

I say hang in there! Your area is still under transformation, and in a few months you’ll have unlimited LTE coverage just about everywhere you have service and I’ll be jealous. Me? I’ll be stuck with Shitrizon and their lame caps on their slow LTE network. Your 7Mb down that you pulled in is 2Mb faster than anything I’ve been able to pull in over the past few days, and I bet your PING was really low too.
iPhone: 4” 1136 X 640 Display, 1.30 GHz Dual Core Processor, 1 GB RAM
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So tell me, why is exactly is the iPhone so great?
Droid Does What Jobs Won’t Let You Do.