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PX Eliezer7
Hutt River
reply to steve1111

Re: [General] Receiving calls from cell phones to Voip phone

said by steve1111:

I suppose, as time goes by, the percentage of calls from cellphones will increase and the percentage of calls from landlines will decrease, so the overall quality of calls will deteriorate.

It's up to the cellphone customers to complain.

I think there's a general perception that Verizon Wireless has the best network in Manhattan, ahead of AT&T.

From the Wall Street Journal in May 2010:

Dropped calls also happen because of quirks in the way carriers have set up their networks. For example, AT&T Inc. routes calls south of 59th Street in Manhattan to a switch downtown. North of 59th, calls go to a facility in Westchester. So when an AT&T customer crosses 59th, calls can get dropped as the network reshuffles from one switch to the other. Nielsen recorded three fails on or near that dividing line. AT&T declined to discuss coverage at 59th in further detail.


Putting up new cell sites often means dealing with zoning regulations, pushy landlords or community resistance. In the seven years that Chris Hillabrant has been T-Mobile's vice president for engineering in the New York region, he's seen community resistance to new cell towers get "better funded and much better organized."

"Now, they'll bring in their own experts to prove that T-Mobile already has sufficient service or enough cell sites," Mr. Hillabrant says.

So people want a cell phone in their back pocket, but do NOT want a tower in their back yard.

The use of smartphones with their gluttonous demands for data has further strained networks....

Arne Bolen
Happy Anveo customer
Planet Earth

said by PX Eliezer7:

So people want a cell phone in their back pocket, but do NOT want a tower in their back yard.

But they still expect good a good signal.
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