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Bless you Howie
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Re: [Serious] Typhoon Bopha: This one headed towards my family

She's between an 1/8th of a mile and a 1/4 of a mile from the shoreline in the south part of the city. When it rains hard there her house floods, it's a regular occurance because the city isn't maintaining the drainage system properly, she says the manhole near her house acts like a geyser (she doesn't know what a geyser is of course, but you know what I mean).

I can't ever find her house on Google Earth because we have some confusion, her and I, over the streets. If you look on GE though, you'll see how the houses are only a couple feet apart, jammed in like sardines. When there is a house fire, it sometimes becomes a firestorm. Recently about 80 homes were destroyed in a fire less than a mile from her.

Roofs are made of corrugated metal and windows have no glass in them sometimes they are just openings with shutters. Her street is actually just a very narrow alley the size of a sidewalk.

Here it says signal #1 (less than 60 MPH) for Cebu.


Cebu is calling the storm Pablo (Pablo is Bopha in Tagalog?)

Anyways, I am a little calmer than I was last night because a signal #1 would mean her house has a chance of making it. Also, she is right next to a firewall, but I don't know which side of the storm that is.

Thanks for your prayers folks, now let's hope the storm degrades quickly. By the time it passes over the country, it should be a cat 1 storm. It's still cat 5 as of last time I checked.
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