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Tyler, TX
reply to SDL L3Tech

Re: [Connectivity] Terrible Ping during downloads/games

The upload spike is from a crappy messed up laptop that whenever it connects to wifi, at any time, causes similar results to my timed problems. No idea why it does it but that specific laptop alone (no other devices) kills my net... This isn't the problem that I've been experiencing though. It'll still have that timed problem if the laptop isn't on, hasn't been on for ~2-3 days, or I've bypassed the router.

Is there some way that I can continuously have some active thing going that uses up my net? My ping is only bad when I'm actually doing something and I'm pretty busy during the week so I won't really be able to show the problems.

I ran PingPlotter after that laptop was turned off and I got ~20ms pings to Google, I then started to dl a ~800mb file and my ping started to spike, go down, and spike again in a constant loop.


Clearwater, FL

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@SDL L3Tech, Great information. Mind if I message you privately to get some advice on how I might be able to generate and correctly read similar information when I'm troubleshooting my own connection?

@Sakki, Something that is leery to hear as someone helping another troubleshoot, is why the 'crappy messed up' laptop is even connected to the network at all during this last week or more of troubleshooting. Until the issue is fixed and fully evaluated, no device should ever have access your network except one (hardwired of course; whichever is not 'crappy' or has the least 'crappiness' to it heh. I'm not suggesting this is your problem, but there could very easily be spyware on one or all of your devices that is timed to only activate during certain times of the day. This is not unheard of for spyware/malware because often times customers and/or providers may attribute consistent and/or repeatable problems during particular times as a problem with network congestion or the home network, when in reality it's something malicious running in the background locally on the user's computer that is scheduled to activate at only the busier times of the day to be more easily masked.

It makes it difficult for 3rd party users to help diagnose the problem, and even more difficulty for your provider, when a problem with your connection is being misrepresented by you because the state of your home network is constantly changing. I don't think a Suddenlink tech should ever have been able to produce the results provided in the post above by accident because your 'bad laptop' just so happened to be connected. How can we expect for you to get the full level of support from your provider's dedicated teams if they aren't fully aware of each and every variable at play, at any given time? You have to leave your connection completely isolated from all outside devices except 1 hardwired. Until SL says 'we will no longer help you', you should not access your network from your cell phone, your laptop, and same goes for anyone else in your home. I don't mean just don't connect to the wifi network. I mean disconnect the router altogether. If it's a combo modem/router given to you by your provider, work with them to just disable it until your issue is definitively tracked down. However long you've been a customer and however frustrating or inconvenient it's been so far, as long as you continue paying your bill you should give them the best possible opportunity to thoroughly help you.