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Mississauga, ON
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reply to dillyhammer

Re: Bell won't let TSI port my number?

said by dillyhammer:

said by MaynardKrebs:

Port the number to voip.ms or Wind for a bit
Then port it to TSI

Just make sure that's possible with all the parties involved.

Or, just port it to voip.ms and leave it there. Buy beer with the money saved.

I don't see why users need to do a hop skip and jump around TSI's agreement with Bell. No offense, and sorry but, fuck 'em.


Nothing to say sorry about, end of the day it's true... voip.ms is great, i use voipdiscount.com $10 get's me unlimited for 120 days and then takes from the $10 i deposited. Each year i pay about $20.

Another good option i'm amazed many do not choose is freephoneline.ca or .com forget which.

Free #, $50 up front for an ATA setup and you never pay again unless you need to call specific areas.

Sorry TSI, end of day POTS is bell and i honestly wish you guys would just drop them from POTS line at least. You'd make them too happy if you dumped them altogether, so let's not do that