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Mulberry, FL
reply to pioneer56

Re: Verizon dropping Alltel (unlimited data) customers

Why not? If their no longer under contract, terms can be changed at any time. I also think eventually they will get unlimited smartphone users switched to capped as well. Just a matter of time.

I dont think they're worried about bad PR considering they did enough damage simply coming out with the share anything plans and practically forcing customers to switch to them. ATT atleast is giving their customers a wider choice of plans, and can keep their existing AND upgrade their phones.


Fremont, OH
Generally those contracts are required to be honored until the customer changes.

I know people that are still on the $45 ALL UNLIMITED with VZW that they issued in 2000/2001 for Christmas. The promo was only out for 2 months. The only thing that the customers do is pay full price for the device. VZ has been ordered they can not change the contract due to no new contract has been given to them.

Bueller? Bueller?
El Dorado Hills, CA
I think they can (and eventually will) remove unlimited data from people. If you're out of a contract, you can leave with no ETF. If you're still in a contract, they are then breaching said contract and again you can leave with no ETF. But I'm no lawyer...
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I apologize for the confusion, I today received mail detailing that I can in fact keep the service plan active with a new device.

During the phone call this is not what was said, and the salesperson was trying to get me to sign a new capped contract.

Now I'm guessing the answer to this is no, but I have heard Verizon allows grandfathered unlimited phone accounts to move to LTE if you pay full retail for the handset, has anyone heard of or had success doing this with a mobile broadband account?