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Toronto, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
reply to RiseAbove

Re: iFixit teardown of the new iMac.

said by RiseAbove:

the base model comes with 8GB of ram, your average user, who is 80-90% of the people who will buy the low end models will never need more than that nor will they care.

I'll give you that much, that they didn't skimp out, which is somewhat unorthodox, because Apple historically has always put in a piddly amount of ram compared to the cost of the machine... Like 3GB ram in a base $2500 Mac Pro just prior to the most recent update in 2012... LOL...

A bigger pisser is the hard drive though... 2.5" 5400rpm laptop drive... going backwards.

Apple always did fiddle with the laptop/desktop component mix in the iMacs... cpu's, graphics, now drives...

Its a shame they never did release that mythical "headless Mac" that would offer desktop level performance without the cost of the server-based architecture of the Mac Pro.

I think it would have been a very good success. But oh well, that will never happen now.