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reply to Herbie2222

Re: Channel Pixelation problem - UV Realtime screen posted

The quality of the line to your home is very good. It doesn't hurt to check for signaling rate issues between the equipment at your home, on the Coax/HPNA tab in UVrealtime or in the iNID's GUI at > settings > LAN > statistics. Most likely there is a problem with those specific feeds.
Before you engage tech support, document the specific channels, time, and try to note if it happens on all your receivers at the same time.



Thanks for the quick reply.

I was worried because I don't have any activity in the higher frequencies. Based on the Real time documentation, I was expecting to see upstream band zero in use. My charts are showing upstream 1. Since my line strength is good, were they able to get away with using upstream 1? Would I gain any stability by moving my setup to upstream zero?

On my signalling rate information, I don't see any issues. My PHY rate is 112 for most links and 128 for the runs back to the INID (From the INID is 112 for all links). The SNR values are 41.9 for the 112 links and 44.5 for the 128.