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Milford, NH
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reply to pjay

Re: How reliable & mature is Ethernet over Copper? (TelePacific)

said by pjay:

But when we're having these issues, under load - that is, as traffic on the circuit is increased - the thing just comes apart; slowing down and even stopping entirely.

Are you sure the problem is not the link failing but rather becoming saturated due traffic? Physical circuit problems would most likely manifest constantly not just a a result of heavy utilization.

Have you called the provider and asked for a circuit utilization report? That will tell you if the link is too small.



Ridgewood, NJ
Answer to both replies:
Since the last round of issues, the circuit is much better without them changing the CPE. I have not called for a utilization report, but since things have been so much better, I'm going to leave things alone for now.

BTW when that last "round" began, I shifted the traffic to our Time Warner Cable Internet connection, and that circuit handled the load just fine, so I'm confident that the problems were connection-related and not traffic-related.