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Fort Erie, ON
reply to 34764170

Re: ABB Customer

said by 34764170:

It's that or your bill goes up by $20 or more for a small few channels when the greedy content producers want to renegotiate. There is very much two sides to this issue and this isn't specific to Cogeco. All of the providers have to deal with this issue.

Well, not really. Shaw, Rogers and Bell all have television networks and must-carry cable networks that they can use as pawns when negotiating BDU carriage. Cogeco doesn't have that luxury, so they either pay or they don't get it. I wouldn't be surprised if Cogeco ends up with Astral after Bell gets told to pound sand for a second time, though.

Cogeco are notorious for being cheap. That is specific to Cogeco. It took them years to carry the former Voom HD channels (I believe they were the last holdout in the entire country) because they didn't want to pay for them. They get zero sympathy from me.