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Oxford, MI

Can you exchange Wireless receivers for Wired?

Background, due to an improper install from the iNid to the i38, the ethernet wired receivers had issues. »Wired Ethernet, vs. coax, vs. Wireless..

Tech on 3rd visit wired dvr with coax, and gave wireless receivers for other two stb, said there would be no additional charges, as it was an installation decision. (Don't have first bill yet to confirm.)

TV is working.
A few days later I notice that my exchange server at home OWA no longer works. After days of part time trouble shooting I run across this.
»Re: U-Verse Internet: What does not work

With the wireless using port 443, it breaks all of the https traffic to the Outlook server.

So question is can I trade in the wireless equipment, for the wired equipment, and run the ethernet from the iNid myself? I understand that the TV's need to be direct feed from switch, and I have the same netgear switch att provides available for this connection. I also isolate all of my computer traffic with pfsense box, through DMZ+ mode on the 2wire.

Do I call for a tech to come out an change? but the TV is working? is this a $99 charge for something customer broke? not sure how to handle.
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If you want to use a wired connection for the receivers, you do not need to exchanged the wireless receivers. You can use the wireless receivers as wired receivers by removing the WAP form the RG and connecting them to the RG with Ethernet cables.


Oxford, MI
Thanks, Good Info, I can take care of this with the hardware I have.


You're welcome. It also gives you some flexibility if you ever want to switch back to a wireless connection.

Lisle, IL
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reply to tr6scott
You do have to enable the Ethernet port on the i3812 Outside Unit via the iNID GUI @, and you need the 10 digit system password off of the iPSU Power Supply Unit to do this.

But yes, Ethernet from the (enabled) outside unit Ethernet port to the Netgear GS108 switch, and then Ethernet from the switch to the 2 WiFi receivers, connecting to the receiver's Ethernet port.

You also want to make sure the Cisco WiFi STB Access Point is disconnected from the i38 when you restart the boxes connected with Ethernet

Keep in mind that if the i3812 iNID system is factory reset at any time, that outdoor Ethernet port will default back to disabled, and you will have to go back into the GUI to re-enable it

While you are at it, you can disconnect the Coax feed to the DVR and change that to Ethernet off of the Netgear switch if you wish as well, but leaving it on Coax/HPNA is fine too