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fifty nine

Sussex, NJ
reply to JoeSchmoe007

Re: Picking location to buy a house

said by JoeSchmoe007:

3 hours each way is INSANE.

I have friends who live near Princeton, NJ. For them commute to work is 1 hr 45 min. I think this is also insane.

Do not rely on anybody telling you how long DOOR-TO-DOOR commute is.

People who live in suburbs are often delusional about it (except real estate agents, they will just lie to you).

When I first asked my friends who live near Princeton how long their commute to work in Manhattan is they said "Train takes one hour". Short interrogation revealed that it takes 20 minutes to get from the house to the train station in NJ and then another 20-30 minutes by subway in Manhattan to get to work. Plus waiting list for the parking near train station in NJ is 1 (or 2?) years, so husband has to drop wife off and then drive to work (he works in NJ). Otherwise it is a 40 minutes walk to train station on NJ roads (means no sidewalk, almost complete darkness in winter), and friends' wife actually got hit by a car once while walking (thankfully it was nothing but a scare and a couple bruises).

Don't forget if you ever have to stay late at work - good luck catching this NJ train that runs once an hour later at night and then not all, might as well just sleep under the desk at your work.

Oh the wonders of suburban living !

Yep, most of this is true.

But there are trade offs.

If you commute via train or bus you either sleep on the train/bus or pull out your laptop/ipad and get work done. I did a bit of both when I was commuting via public transport.

But living in the 5 boroughs doesn't mean your commute automatically becomes a few minutes. I lived in Astoria (Queens) and had to commute downtown to the old port authority building (aka Google) and it would often take me 30 to 45 minutes.

Some people live in the far reaches of Brooklyn and take over an hour to get to work, on a crowded, smelly subway, usually standing all the way.

I have a long commute and I drive. Am I nuts? I have 6 acres, a large home, peace and quiet. And I get home around 6:30 most days. I leave home early and therefore leave the office early which means I beat most traffic.

I would never live in the outer boroughs of NYC ever again. Shit hole is an understatement. You have rude neighbors playing loud music until midnight (when they're legally required to stop), noise all the time, rude kids jumping on your car if you're lucky to find a street space to park it. Not to mention that lovely new york city income tax.

Living in Manhattan? Yeah, the "nice" parts of manhattan aren't for folks like me. $5000/month in rent will gobble up a good chunk of my pay, no thanks. Then the apartment has paper thin walls where you can hear your neighbors having sex at 2AM or even farting too loudly.

Respice, Adspice, Prospice
Onion, NJ
said by fifty nine:

I have a long commute and I drive. Am I nuts?

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