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reply to koitsu

Re: UPS brands and recommendations

said by koitsu:

For brand recommendations:

»Re: UPS on computer
»Re: UPS on computer

I would not suggest hooking the TV up to the UPS (at least on the battery-backed AC ports), and a single UPS to drive two computers may be too much (depending on what those systems are doing at the time, etc.).

My generator does a self test once a week, in the morning. I'm mostly looking to avoid having my entertainment unit do a hard reset once a week (TV+Amp+Boxee Box) so it'll only be on the battery for about 45 seconds or so.

Thanks for the links I'll be checking those out and doing some reading.

said by koitsu:

You'll need to get some actual real-world numbers (watts used) before you can determine if you should buy one big UPS or multiple small ones.

Duly noted I have some power monitors I've been itching to test out more extensively... so I'll be using those.
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