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Re: Parallels installation question

When you create a new Virtual Machine, you can chose how large you want the hard drive image to be - it should be one of the options in the setup screens. If not, there's usually an advanced configuration option at the end where you can adjust the hard drive size (sorry, can't be more specific as I've been using VMWare Fusion for a long time, but setting the HD size should be pretty obvious).

I believe the default is 40GB.

Edit: The option is "Customize settings before installation", and it's on the last page of the setup assistant. The Hard Disk settings can be found on page 191:
»www.parallels.com/fileadmin/para ··· uide.pdf
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It will take only what it takes. You can set it for the purpose of XP knowing the drive size but the actual image is expandable and you can reclaim space at will. XP thinks mine is 64GB but the actual image with acad, qbooks, office 2010 and Visual Basic 6 is only 20gb. So if you install adobe cs XP still sees the drive as 64 but the actual vm file will grow to 24gb or whatever. Then if you uninstall the image stays 24 and you can run the reclaim space utility to bring it back down to 20.